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Learn Data Science to Build your Data Products

The digital universe is expanding every day. The radical growth of data are leading the world to data deluge. Big Data is no more a hype, it is rather a challenging reality. It has brought about a paradigm shift in analyzing massive-scale data. Big Data analytics have made bold and fat promises to all types of industries. However, the most critical question is, are we really ready to tackle the challenges of Big Data?
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Enterprises today are facing a huge talent gap. MIT Sloan’s report shows that 40% of the companies surveyed were struggling to find and retain the data analytics talent. By 2018, the United States alone will face shortage of 181,000 people with deep analytical skills, and a requirement five times that number for jobs with the need for data management and interpretation skills – predicted by IDC. These facts unearth the most critical weakness of enterprises which are opted for adopting Big Data.
Cognitus takes an exceptional responsibility to produce next generation data science experts who would lead the future data-driven industries by their skills and expertise. We designed courses that fit into the real-world needs. We offer various courses on data science and management technologies, with a special focus on machine learning. Our courses include a wide variety of topics covering concepts, techniques/methods, and technologies of entire data value chain. We have a highly creative design of delivering courses to our academic and industrial clients. We offer three different types of course packages: Academic, Corporate, and Benchmark. The academic package is designed for universities and institutes and the corporate package is for our enterprise clients. Discover our courses.
  • Academic Training

    • A Deep and Wide Introduction to Big Data Science
    • Theory and Practice of Data Acquisition and Ingestion
    • ...
  • Corporate training

    • Introduction to Big Data Science
    • Data acquisition and ingestion
    • ...
  • Benchmarking

    • Data Acquisition, Ingestion, and Processing
    • Real-time Data processing and analysis in realtime
    • ...

Our Services for Data-Heavy Enterprises

Cognitus offers a wide range of services to its enterprise clients. Since Big Data analytics is the core competency of the company, our services revolve around this area. We study our client’s needs and transform them into a use case scenario that illustrates an end-to-end data value chain composed of operational steps ranging from data collection to visualisation of results. We study our client’s business and we design intelligent solution blueprint powered by Big Data technologies, machine learning, and statistical methods. We find the most suitable technologies to build the solution infrastructure of our clients.

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We provide support in piloting client’s data science projects and take the utmost care of our client’s solution in terms of efficiency and dynamism which assist to gain competitive advantage and promote/accelerate client’s market share. We practice the Agile and DevOps paradigms in our workspace. These paradigms improve deployment frequency by ensuing quality, which can lead to faster time to market.


We started Research@Cognitus – the research division of Cognitus – to ameliorate state of the art technologies of data science and solve complex real-world problems by doing top quality research that results in innovative solutions. We focus on several key areas of Data science including data quality, real-time processing and analysis of massive-scale data, machine learning and statistical modelling, optimisation, and intelligent frameworks/tools for designing, development, and deploying data products. Also, our research areas include cloud computing, Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, data mining, deep learning, advanced database, and security. Our research covers various industrial sectors including logistics, manufacturing, finance, insurance, healthcare, and retail.

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Cognitus offers research opportunities to post-graduate students and doctoral researchers in collaboration with different research centers and universities in Europe. Since its establishment in January 2016, the company supervised several master students who defended their thesis successfully. Cognitus participates in projects funded by national funding agencies such as Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR) and international funding agencies such as European Union .

We collaborate with reputed research institutes, universities in France and other counties in Europe including the Netherlands. Also, we work closely with industries.


    Our trainers are highly skilled. They have years of experience in teaching various areas of computer science in different universities. They have vast experience in designing training courses/modules based on what a participant would be needing to work in a real-world environment. They deliver top quality lecture.


    We maintain extreme level quality and timeliness while providing training and consulting services which helped us gaining reputation and reliability. For any training or technical service client, we do extensive research on customer need and deliver the best services in an effective and innovative manner.


    Our researchers have decades of experience in various areas of computer science. Research is their natural strength and this is something they are extremely good at. They have experience in leading large-scale projects funded by European Union and ANR.


    We offer a wide range of utility services including a virtual lab to write and execute codes online, resources including datasets, codes etc., assist trainees in choosing the best courses, and provide an artificial intelligence based question answering system.

Our Team

We have a team of vibrant, dedicated, and highly qualified professional instructors, researchers, and developers who are orchestrated and managed by a group of highly qualified and creative leaders. The main goal our team-cognitus is to provide the best quality services and training for its clients. Our experts are highly skilled in different areas of data science, databases, information security, cloud computing, and internet of things.
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Also, they have exceptional hacking skill in Java, Python etc. Our members have impressive track records in their fields of interest. They have decades of experience in teaching and leading educational institute. At the top of the organizational hierarchy, we have a group of visionary leaders and advisers who lead the team with their experience in managing research and development centers.
  • Nassim Cheaib (CEO & Co-Founder) Key People
  • Dr. Rafiqul Haque (CTO & Co-Founder) Key People
  • Dr. Yehia Taher Instructor
  • Prof. Mohand-Said Hacid Instructor
  • The courses are very interesting. The theoretical part provides a deeper knowledge about the techniques and tools of Big Data management and analysis.
    Daniel Jacobs / Big Company, LLC

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